Hi, It’s Eva! My skin struggle lasted for years, while I desperately tried all types of products to see what would help me. I tried everything from harsh products made to attack, strip and chemically obliterate my skin surface, which just left me dry and irritated, to “miracle” holistic products that just made me oily and breakout prone. After a seemingly never ending cycle, I was done fighting with my skin. I wanted to heal my skin, not attack it.

It was tough to find a brand that wanted both a gentle approach to skincare, with active ingredients, and most importantly, promoted a different mentality to skin. I wanted to create a brand centered around multifunctional, uncomplicated and transparent products, that were made with intention, and with an awareness of our environment that roots deep and honest. Together, we are creating a community passionate about making our skin happy, making memories outdoors, and enjoying more time doing what we love.


Coastal Citizen creates multifunctional, naturally scientific, healing formulas for all skin goals. We combine clinical ingredients and natural botanicals that are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and effective. Designed under Eva’s skin philosophy of “heal, don’t attack” our products nourish the skin, while working hard to unclog pores, smooth texture, even complexion and hydrate.


Coastal Citizen products are consciously created essentials that are both gentle to your skin and to the planet. Our products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and made with effective clinical ingredients and natural botanicals in sustainable and recyclable packaging options wherever possible.

Your order from us can be made carbon neutral. We calculate your carbon emissions and you have the opportunity to offset them by contributing to our carbon removal partner of choice, Running Tide.
We’re not perfect, but are consciously committed to continuing to learn and improve on our sustainability efforts every day.


In order to have the opportunity to offset the carbon footprint of your Coastal Citizen order, we have partnered with Running Tide, an organization that builds technologies to harness the power of the ocean to build a climate positive future.

Running Tide uses kelp and oceans that cover 71% of the Earth’s surface to absorb carbon, resulting in negative emissions.

Read more about Running Tide here.